Cell Phone Jammers Prevent Electronic Fraud

However, the news of “possibly a 5G signal shielding vulnerability” immediately caught the attention of the network. Netizens mainly focus on two points: At present, 5G mobile phones and 5G signals are nothing new. Why is there a signal shielding gap in the investigation room involved in the incident? Is this omission an individual case or does it also exist in other exam rooms? According to the regulations, mobile cell phone jammer will be installed in test centers to block electronic signals and prevent possible electronic fraud. In this case, the operating technician is the referee.

In recent years, all kinds of mobile phone signal jammers have emerged in an endless stream, which has dazzled us, but in fact not all products are suitable for our own application. Some products are public, so they are not suitable for us to apply for other fields. There is also a very specific jammer that came to us. Its name is Wireless Signal Jammer. So what are the advantages of this type of product?

When we use mobile phone jammers, you will find that no matter where we are, as long as we can turn on such jammers, then everyone will have no way to search for our wireless signal, that is to say, the effect products at home are better than ordinary public ones. Product is more visible. In such an environment, we can always easily block all signals, but if a common blocker is used, the blocking effect may be unstable. problem, so we need to understand the specific use effect.