Cell Phone Jammers Prevent Tracking

Can the test cell phone signal blocker block all communication signals? Speaking of which, many people are unfamiliar with the test cell phone jammer. In fact, it has already been used in the examination room of the college entrance examination. In previous years, there will be many test rooms installed with this kind of signal shield. Machines and equipment have received very good responses, and have been confirmed to have excellent practical effects on avoiding signal fraud in electronic devices. In 2021, they will be gradually developed, so that more and more examination rooms can also install mobile phone jammers . Generally speaking, there are no established laws and regulations on signal-impacting equipment in many regions, but for our applications, we also need to master related common issues, including the maintenance of key components, and where can I apply them. Among the commonly used mobile phone signal jammers, the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited to avoid phone harassment, and the ringing of mobile phones is strictly prohibited, while GPS positioning system jammers maintain the track of the car, prevent tracking, and maintain the personal privacy of the part.

Nowadays, the invention of the mobile phone blocker has already cleared up many safety hazards of random discipline for the examination room, so that students can take the examination under a fair and just condition. The basic principle of this kind of test mobile phone signal blocker is actually based on the method of blocking the signal of electronic devices, so that the communication signal on the mobile phone is invalid, which can avoid the situation of cheating on the mobile phone, not only for the signal of Wi-Fi2.4G It has excellent practical effect of shielding. Generally speaking, the effective range is within a radius of 0 to 30 meters. Generally, a small output power test mobile phone signal blocker is enough to cover an entire classroom, achieving the goal of shielding signals in the test room. Since the battery life of this type of facility is generally three hours, although the heat exhaust is weak, it also makes it very cost-effective. It is especially suitable for schools to purchase signal shielding for the examination room.