Mobile phone shield to prevent students from cheating

Some schools will choose to install signal blocking devices in the classrooms, so that students can’t secretly play mobile phones during the class. Blocking mobile cell phone jammer have perfectly blocked the signals from the base stations around the classrooms. When playing mobile phones, you will not receive any signals including: carrier base stations, wifi, hotspots, etc. Every July is an important day for students to test themselves for the semester. In the past exams, students used their mobile phones to send information to cheat. Therefore, many school examination rooms now install mobile phone signal jammers to block the signal and prevent students from cheating. The mobile phone signal shielding instrument can effectively block 3G, 4G, 5G, wifi2.4G, wifi5.8G and walkie-talkie signal frequency bands to perfectly shield all mobile phone signals.

There are many customers on the phone, I need a telecommunications mobile phone signal jammer with a shielding radius of 50 meters, a distance of 500 meters, and a surrounding area of ​​1 kilometer, and it needs to be shielded from the three networks of China Mobile and China Unicom. Is there something wrong with the customer’s standards? No problem, there are actual spacing rules, but is it ok? The answer is very difficult to achieve. Why is it more difficult to achieve? The main parameter of the signal jammer does not have its own shielding distance. Can you put a few more according to this distance? In fact, otherwise, the customer is not wrong, but they do not know that the overall planning of the interference of the mobile phone signal jammer is not a numerical value, how to master it.