Cell Phone Signal Jammers Improve Students’ Concentration

The main use scenarios of the mobile cell phone jammer instrument are in some areas where communication tools such as mobile phones are strictly used statically, such as: school classrooms, examination rooms, prisons, offices, military, gas stations and other institutions that require information security. Because the signal shielding device is easy to install and use, more and more schools and other units are already using mobile phone signal shielding devices. During the college entrance examination, some candidates were distracted in school and spent all their time playing with their mobile phones. It has a great impact on learning and their own eyes, and even some candidates bring their mobile phones into the examination room for cheating, which seriously threatens the fairness of the examination.

In the link of continuation, conversion, and voice call, the system software creates and maintains the smooth voice wireless channel according to SD, FACCH, and SACCH messages. If the amount of interference is too large and the bit error rate is too high, it is harmful to the message information, and the system software cannot analyze the message normally, and the error message will be thrown aside. This is what we often say about dropped calls. Therefore, in the process of customer calling, if the interference is too large, it will temporarily fail to connect, which will endanger the wireless network connection rate index value; in the customer voice call, if the interference is too large, it will cause dropped calls and endanger the system switching pass rate. and call drop rate indicator value. At the same time, in the call link, the interference harms the voice wireless channel, and the bit error rate increases, which

will cause poor voice quality, noise, intermittent, single-pass, etc. The quantitative index is mainly manifested in the practice pit bull error The higher the bit rate, the lower the MOS value.