Cell phone jammers improve students’ habit of staying up late

In the evening, many students play electronic products in the dormitory until the early morning or even later. Long-term use of electronic products such as mobile phones will cause irreversible consequences for students. According to research and investigations, adults who use mobile phones for 12 hours a day for a long time are like taking drugs. Traitor tech addiction. At this time, the person in charge of our school will choose to secure the mobile cell phone jammer in the hidden area of ​​the dormitory. After the mobile phone signal device is turned on and used, the behavior of students playing mobile phones without sleeping at night has been greatly improved. And there are many different materials that have different degrees of attenuation for shielding mobile phone signal jammers. For example, if the wall is made of wood, the attenuation will be lower. Others such as glass, plaster, boxes, etc. will have lower attenuation. . , and some shielding mobile phone signal equipment will have a certain impact on the equipment through the direct and reflection of doors and windows, so people have the illusion of penetrating ability.

The mobile phone signal jammer is generally composed of switching power supply, scanning control module, frequency band microwave radio frequency control module, amplifier module, transmitting wireless antenna module and other parts. Its working principle is generally that the sawtooth wave signal generator causes the scanner signal through the inverter, enters the pressure control impactor deployment in the working frequency band of the mobile communication technology, and then controls the output power through the power amplifier circuit and the voltage regulator tube to generate electromagnetic waves. sends a larger frequency deviation signal upwards in the form of . The working principle of mobile communication technology is that within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the communication base station communicate with each other according to electromagnetic waves, and realize the transmission of data information and sound with a certain serial port baud rate and deployment method. When the mobile phone communicates, it communicates with the communication base station according to the rising frequency, and then transfers the signal to the MSC mobile service exchange core to complete the voice call. In the standby state, the mobile phone controls the wireless channel to communicate with the communication base station according to the BCH broadcast program. Once there is a voice call request, it first requests a report from the MSC according to the BCH. Make the mobile phone automatically jump from the BCH to the wireless channel of the business process to complete the voice call.