Cell phone jammers reduce signal-to-noise ratio

When we enter a new area, the base station in this area will relocate and manage our mobile phone, and the mobile phone will determine its location after receiving the signal from the base station. If a mobile phone signal shielding device is installed in the area at this time, the frequency band of the broadcast signal sent by the base station will be interfered, and the interference signal will increase the bit error rate of the mobile communication channel and reduce the signal-to-noise ratio of the channel. It affects the effective reception of the signal from the base station by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone will not generate service when the base station cannot be responded to by multiple links.

At this stage, there are many types of mobile cell phone jammer on the market, with different signal strengths, interference frequency bands, and coverage areas. Especially in some “three-no” products, the quality is not smooth, the transmission index value is poor, and the microwave radio frequency module does not press Segment manipulation, the uplink and downlink frequencies are interfered together. Through the specific detection and control of the performance indicators of various mobile phone signal jammers, mobile phone jammers can be divided into three categories according to the performance indicators. To tens of meters; the other type is a small output power multi-wireless channel mobile phone signal jammer, the signal strength of the stand-alone version is 5-10 watts, the signal strength of each wireless channel is 1-5 watts, and the shielding range is how many meters to tens of meters; the third The class is high-power or super-power jammers, which are generally dedicated to special industries, such as jammers for public security organs and judicial departments. The output power varies from tens of watts to hundreds of tens of watts, not only for single wireless channels There are multiple wireless channels.