The price of mobile phone signal jammers is related to user needs

There is a basic law in social economics: the law of economics is to use value to determine price, and price fluctuates closely around use value. This fundamental law is especially pronounced in the industry of cell phone jammer.

Looking at the past signal shielding projects, what can best reflect the market value is the real requirements of customers. In other words, what is really purchased is the mobile phone jammer that customers want. For example, in an area of ​​50m*50m in a room, the cost of no base station around it will be lower than that of a base station; the cost of a room that is wide and unobstructed will be lower than that of a block; 24-hour uninterrupted full-band shielding will The price is lower than that of intermittent partial frequency band shielding; the price of rough shielding (as long as the core shielding) is lower than that of precision mobile phone shielding.

In the project, according to the needs of users, site layout, and signal strength, a shielding host + antenna distribution is generally used to build a shielding system. In this field, our shielding device is a very professional and effect-oriented reliable technology. Government units and information security organizations give priority to purchasing our 5g mobile phone signal shielding device. Compared with a single device, the system software is more reliable, and its price also increases with the Varies depending on the size of the shielded area and site conditions.

At home, some parents found that their children were playing with mobile phones for fear that their children would be addicted to it, so they chose to quietly buy 5G mobile phone signal shielding equipment of several million yuan. However, this shielding device will affect the mobile phone applications of the neighbors in the process of use. If it is reported that the three major operations are located, an investigation will also be launched. If it is found out, it is likely to be punished for violating the regulations.

Therefore, the price of 5g signal shielding equipment is more or less determined by the needs of users. The more shielding demand, the higher the price, and the less shielding demand, the lower the price. The original intention of using a mobile phone signal jammer is to achieve the effect, don’t cut it.