Cell Phone Jammers Improve Prison Privacy

The mobile phone signal jammer is deeply loved by everyone. At first, the mobile phone signal jammer was not developed for the examination room scene. The initial scenario was applied to prisons, where physical and information security shields were required to ensure information security and privacy in high-strength prisons. Nowadays, many students in schools bring high-tech equipment such as mobile phones into the school, which seriously affects the normal learning of students. In order to prevent students from being addicted to mobile phones, many schools are preparing to install mobile phone signal blocking devices. Can students still use mobile phones to surf the Internet normally after they are turned on? ?

The first test is language. The location is on an LCD TV in the central area, and the real-time examination images of the four examination rooms are broadcast and displayed, and any student’s actions and behaviors in the examination room can be clearly seen. Each classroom is equipped with multiple cameras to monitor all the movements of the examination room in an all-round way. In addition, a mobile phone signal shielding device is also installed in the examination room, so that those with small actions cannot use the mobile network. The mobile phone signal shielding device in the examination room is really easy to use, although the school clearly stipulates that it is forbidden to bring mobile phones into the final exam, because there is no metal detector equipment during the college entrance examination, or some students take risks. One of the classmates quietly took their mobile phones with them. But when I took it out, there was no signal, so I just put it away. The school believes that catching fraud is not the purpose, the purpose is to let students correct the school spirit and examination style, and shape the concept of honesty and trustworthiness.

In fact, the mobile cell phone jammer is not important for the appearance, just look at the structure of the jammer. From the shape of the signal jammer, it can be divided into external antenna and built-in antenna. The signal of the external antenna mobile phone signal jammer is relatively stable, that is, because the external antenna is outside, the transmitted signal is not blocked, but the external antenna is easy to be blocked. The damage takes up more space; the housing of the built-in antenna signal jammer is strong and durable, the signal is also very stable, the occupation area is small, and the application is very convenient.