The complex environment has an impact on mobile phone jammers

The function of each mobile phone signal jammer is completely different, and the intelligent mobile cell phone jammer naturally has its own unique function. Below, we will remove its mysterious mask for everyone. This jammer is often recognized by us because its technology is very strong: everyone realizes that it uses a unique 4G application optimization algorithm to further improve the efficiency of the impact and block everything from the mobile phone to transmit data signals. possible. At the same time, because it adopts the technical level of communication-specific die-casting aluminum alloy + engineering project plastic chassis, it can be compatible with AC220V to DC12V power distribution. Therefore, many large and medium-sized venues can use our mobile phone signal jammers.

It also has a professional skill that is unmatched by other products. It has the effect of environmental protection, energy saving and environmental protection. The efficiency of its application is 2W, anti-reflection film, and low power consumption. Its shape design is also very effective, each button has a corresponding function, everyone can adjust it anytime and anywhere according to their needs, the actual operation is convenient, and the ease of use is very strong. What makes this mobile phone signal jammer unique is that it has excellent performance. Its size is very small, and it is not easy to occupy a large indoor space. It also has a lighter overall weight, is easy to carry, and is easier to install. This is the distinctive professional skill of our products. Have you got it?

The price of medium power is generally between 700-1500, the price of low power is between 100-500 yuan, and the price of high-power is more than 10000-25000 yuan. If it is used indoors, it is best to choose a medium-power signal jammer, because the indoor environment is complex and there will be various obstructions, so the price of mobile phone signal jammers will be relatively high. There is also the kind that hangs on the wall and the wall, the price is a bit expensive. Secondly, the shell of the built-in mobile phone shield is made of plastic and the cost is relatively lower, and the price of aluminum alloy is higher.