Multi-antenna design handheld cell phone GPS jammer cut off all 2G 3G 4G cell phones and GPSL1 signals at the same time

The GPS jammer uses a single channel output with a range of 10-20 meters (depending on satellite GPS signal strength). Moreover, the portable optional GPS 4G mobile phone jammer has a high-quality design. Hand-held mobile phone GPS jammer is designed with multiple antennas, so it can cut off all 2G 3G 4G mobile phones and GPSL1 signals at the same time. In the working area, all GPS equipment signals are prohibited, and all GPS positioning terminals are isolated from the outside world.

There are many cooling holes to ensure a stable working temperature inside. Therefore, GPS jammers can work for a long time, have a long service life and have stable performance. Are there protective measures for the working power supply? Of course, the jammer has surge protection to avoid the risk of abnormal voltage. If you wish to continue, please reinsert the antenna.

Cell Phone Blocker

The GPS signal will be jammed instantly, and the car using the jammer will start anti-GPS, anti-tracking and anti-location. The operating frequency is 1560-1580MHz, dedicated to vehicles with GPS.” The handheld optional 3G 4G mobile phone GPS signal blocker” is really an advanced design handheld optional 4G GPS blocker.

What would you do if you were bothered by the noise of your phone calls and were sometimes or always being tracked by your phone or GPS tracker? There are many high-quality signal blockers, which can shield the mobile phone signal and GPS signal at the same time. Comes with a car charger, easy to carry and operate. If you want to interfere with GPS tracking, put the jammer-equipped car in a car cigarette and attach the antenna. Therefore, please ensure that your activities are permitted by law. Removing the antenna from the jammer is the way to stop the jamming. Look at the bowl.

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The interference distance is about 25 meters depending on the signal strength of the detailed location.GPS Jammer, also known as Car Using Jammer, is a jammer specially designed to block GPS signals in cars without affecting the use of other electronic products. For example, we can track a car’s journey via GPS, but sometimes we want to hide our information. In addition, the handheld mobile phone GPS jammer also has an optional button, so that people can easily choose the interference frequency band of the handheld optional 3G 4G GPS signal blocker.

In addition, when people want to use or charge in the car, when people want to use the hand-held optional 3G 4G GPS signal blocker in the car, they can easily achieve the goal, because the portable optional GPS 4G mobile phone signal blocker uses a car charger. High technology has given us a comfortable life, but at the same time, our freedom has been restricted.