Does it exist cell phone jammer app

What’s a cell phone signal jammer app?

Recently, many people asked if there is a phone jammer APP, and ask questions about their authenticity. Well, let us now understand the introduction of such APP online:

Cellphone jammer  is the App that allows you to detect presence of jamming devices around. In that situation your mobile phone loses the ability to make a phone call. If it happened, the App gives you a visual or sound message. The time for reaction on a working jammer depends on hardware communication part of your device and typically can be in 30-60 sec range.

Let’s move our fingers and enter jammer app in the Google search box. If your mobile phone system is Android, you can also enter jammer app android, and for the corresponding IOS system, enter jammer app apple. Click Search or press the Enter key, and you will see that the Google Play APP will be the most likely to be ranked first.

Google jammer app
Google jammer app

Now, let’s go to Google Play APP and see which one is the most popular jammer app download on Google Play APP.

Pilfer Shush Jammer

About this app

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PilferShush Jammer blocks other apps attempting to utilize the microphone without your knowledge. Some apps use hidden processes to record tracking audio in the background that is either generated by nearby beacons, television commercials, streamed music services or websites . This tracking audio is transmitted between 18. kHz and 22 kHz (near ultra high frequency) which is beyond the range of typical human hearing but within the recording range of a typical Android phone.

Similar to the signal jammer app download recommended by the app store are:

  • cell phone jammer app
  • signal jamming app/signal jamming app
  • gps blocker app/gps jamming app
  • wifi blocker app/bluetooth interference app

At present, the popular mobile phone signal interference prevention software includes: NetGuard, NetCut, AirDroid, WifiKill, All-in-One Toolbox, etc. Among them, the NetGuard and NetCut applications can prevent illegal access and prevent malware from stealing your data, while AirDroid supports remote management, which can realize remote control of mobile phones and set rules to prevent signal interference; WifiKill automatically blocks external Wi-Fi signal, thereby protecting your privacy; All-in-One Toolbox has the function of preventing specific applications from accessing specific networks, thereby avoiding cell phone signal interference. The functions of each software are different, and you can choose the appropriate software according to your own needs.

  • drone disabler app/best drone jammer app

Do you want to take down annoying drones? Now you can do that, just install Drone Jammer Prank and easily convert your Android smartphone into Anti Drone Jammer and Universal Drones Remote Control for All Drones For FUN. Pretend to take down your drone and control all drone brands in one Drone RC app. Do you want to control your friend’s drone or take down an annoying neighbor’s drone? Now you can do that with Drone Jamming, it’s like turning your android device into a drone and a drone controller Same. This drone drone interceptor drone and remote control app is a powerful drone jammer app for drone Quadcopters working on GPS, 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Pretend you can control drones with your camera, mini drones, big drones with a universal drone remote.

So phone jammers APP really effective?

However, many opposition voices online:

“To jam other phones using your own? Its not possible. Cell phone jammers work by transmitting radio waves of the same frequency as the cell phone, causing interference in the connection between the cell tower and the phone. As such a unit is not present in your cell phone, you will need a separate jammer unit to accomplish this.”– by Arjun Muraly

As far as I know, there is none. A jammer transmits radio waves under same frequency of a cell phone which intervenes connection between a mobile and the tower. A normal mobile will not have such unit fabricated in their motherboard. A separate signal jammer is what you should buy to achieve this.


However, as a mobile phone APP can interfere with the phone itself is a bit unbelievable. Its authenticity has yet to be confirmed. So if you need a mobilephone jammer, make it yourself or buy one, which is more reliable