Good helper of university classroom order-GSM Jammer

The present situation of the university classroom

“Classes should be focused on listening and paying attention”, a phrase that even schoolchildren are familiar with, and it seems to be a joke in today’s free, mobile college classrooms. To this end, a university in this city was surprised to find that there was no signal for any communication equipment in the classroom. But two days, the school voluntarily withdraw these GSM Jammer equipment, it seems to indicate that this step is not effective, what is the way to purify the classroom environment?

Instant messaging, editing documents, downloading files and games… Electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets can be used in a variety of ways. “After a while, I don’t think it’s a little bit less,” she said. “I think it’s a little bit less,” and it’s a reflection of the life of the phubbing people, and a significant proportion of them are still students who are receiving education on campus.

The coping strategies of university administrators-cell phone jammer

One university student said online that her school, the central information institute of tianjin university of technology, had installed an jammer device in every classroom to allow students to listen carefully. For each class become isolated island, teaching building of the corridor there from time to time touring the teacher.

To this end, the reporter immediately contacted the school, acknowledgement, said the school’s move is to let students concentrate to listen well, so far as the management effect how, also need a period of investigation and argumentation.

Then reporter also got the school must reply, handling the matter done cui teacher, said schools in installation shielding device, there are still many problems need to study, “the school is a professional department consultation, to explore blockers may lead to problems, so these two days can be to purify the classroom environment of a school education management attempt, and no conclusion”. Cui teacher admitted that although most of the students can understand the original intention of the school, but there are still some difficult to accept, and schools can only temporarily return to rely on the traditional way of teachers’ classroom management.

“In the excessive media today, developed communications network impact is not only the university classroom, such as meetings, reunion order of various social routine activities are affected by brush bow clan sent WeChat messages weibo.” Professor wu said that teachers and students should reach a consensus in the classroom that the teaching order should not be destroyed, and it is clear that students play with mobile phones in the classroom.

Professor wu admits that it is difficult to ensure that the university classroom order is a common phenomenon, and that there are no good management measures in universities at present. The school’s move, although short term to achieve management, from the point of long-term development, schools should cultivate students self-control and increase the campus cultural atmosphere, improve the quality of teaching.