Davos BBS adds drone jamming

In a departure from the past, drone jammer have been added to world economy BBS in davos in response to terrorist attacks and harassment by paparazzi.

Every January, BBS, the world economy’s gathering of the planet’s richest business leaders, influential politicians and most forward-looking academics, meets in the Swiss ski resort of davos. For these elites, they are talking about how to make the earth a better place. But to the security staff at the conference, it was like the beginning of a disaster movie, a gathering of the elite on a massive scale, with unimaginable consequences for the slightest mistake.

Fortunately, this time the Swiss police are carrying “drone snipers”, which makes security easier.

These “drone sniper rifles” are not real guns, but drone jammers — HP 47 Counter UAV jammers. Unlike other anti-drone devices, it does not shoot down the aircraft directly, but rather cuts the link between the drone and the pilot, allowing it to hover in the air and preventing images or video from penetrating back to the pilot.

Of course, if necessary, the police can shoot down or netted drones. Not to mention drones, but even an eagle can use these tactics to capture a drone.

It is clear that the level of security in davos has been raised to a new level, not only with a doubling of barbed wire and police, but also with a 25-mile no-fly zone around the venue, shutting it off from the outside world.

Naturally, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) are now the only ones that need to be concerned. Not only can the paparazzi of the media use uavs for candid photography and surveillance, but terrorists can even modify the uavs to turn them into lethal aerial weapons.

Two years ago, a team of BBC journalists was questioned about the use of drones in the no-fly zone around davos. Since then, the entire security team has increased its focus. Hopefully the drones will not be in the air at this conference, or the perpetrators will face severe punishment.