Drone jammer was unveiled at the Shanghai amexpo

Drone jammer, intelligent security robot, security detector, AR glasses… Many cutting-edge security equipment was unveiled in Shanghai.

Eastday.com, May 25, 2007: the 17th Shanghai international public safety products expo (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai security expo”) kicked off today at the exhibition hall of the Shanghai world expo. Nearly 300 well-known enterprises at home and abroad participated in the expo. The exhibition will run from 24th to 26th this month, with police equipment exhibition and intelligent transportation exhibition.

Unmanned aerial vehicle jammer and intelligent security service robot are eye-catching as the newly developed security equipment.

This uav jammer is shaped like a sniper gun. It can drive away the uav or force it to land by jamming the control and navigation links of the uav to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace.

After being hit by it, there are generally three possible modes. According to the setting of the uav, after being interfered, the first mode is to return home autonomously. The second is to hover, and the drone will be blown away by the wind and driven away from the no-fly zone. The third pattern is the descent. There is some danger.

In addition, a white intelligent security service robot attracted attention. It looks like baymax and has special powers. According to exhibitors, it has intelligent systems and sensor devices similar to human brain and eyes and ears, integrated with advanced technologies such as synchronous map construction and dynamic path planning, and can patrol autonomously and monitor intelligently.