Keep the phones away from moviegoers Just got serious

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good cinematic experience and do not mind paying for an overpriced ticket and popcorn. What I do not really appreciate is when other moviegoers use their smartphone throughout the show. Even the darkest screens can illuminate a whole corridor and distract the viewing experience for many. I can understand if it was a real emergency, but the fact that her small screen is continuously lit every 30 seconds indicates a pending SMS session involving a person who does not care much about the movie let alone my own experience. If we can not use our mobile devices safely and legally while driving (which I wholeheartedly agree with), in my view, a reasonable argument can be made that the use of mobile devices is also banned in cinemas. Although it is not a security issue in theaters, paying customers should have a significant impact on the policy of distraction of devices used in theaters.

Cell phone jammer in the theater

To address the millennial clientele, Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Theaters, told Variety Magazine that he would be open to the possibility that people in some theaters could write lyrics. Social media channels were instantly lit by angry film fans, and AMC Theaters reacted quickly: “With your advice in hand, no text will be allowed in any of the AMC Theaters auditoriums – not today, not today tomorrow and not in the foreseeable future. “The last thing theatrical chains want to do is alienate loyal theater clients. They must already fight consumer spending against the competition of premium movie services, streaming, VOD and home theater systems. If the theaters are not more careful, they might soon fall back on the nostalgia of car cinemas or the lack of vision once shown by large retail chains like BlockBuster. So, if movie cinema chains agree that using phones during movies is unacceptable, how could they enforce this policy?

Method one – self-control:

Theaters could always ask their customers for self-control. Several campaigns reminding offensive customers have already started. These include memories of all moviegoers reporting incidents to the box office or the nearest Usher. But this neighborhood watch approach can not lead to law and order in our cinemas, especially if a jujyfruit candy thrown at the right speed can crack a smartphone screen. Blame and interference inevitably occur when the guests themselves are left to the police.

Method 2 – Jam All phones: RF Jammer

Anyone can buy a mini pocket RF jammers online for less than $ 100 and knock out any cell phone in the theater or anywhere smartphone misuse has reared its ugly head. These smartphone vigilantes were previously created in high traffic areas on the streets to keep commuters off the phone while driving. The problem is that jammers are highly unpredictable in both output power and range. While you might think that you are keeping the public away from SMS drivers, detainees who conspire in prisons, and annoying theatergoers, you could very well prevent others from dialing 9-1-1. And then there are the high penalties imposed on violations, and the general legality of RF jamming. “The use of” Cell Jammers “or similar devices intended to intentionally block, block or disturb authorized radio links (Handybloker GPS jammers, or text stoppers, etc.) is a violation of federal law.” According to FCC. They further say, “These devices pose a serious threat to critical public safety communication and can prevent you and others from making 9-1-1 and other emergency calls, and jammers can interfere with law enforcement communication.”

Method three – Detection and Deterrent:

We’ve all seen these electronic speed signs with integrated radar gun technology mounted on the roadside. Not only do they serve to accurately track your current vehicle speed, they also remind you to slow down if you have not realized how fast you are driving. Signs like these are effective and inexpensive. They remind us to keep our speed under control and do not require officers, cars or ticketing resources. After all, most police officers on a good day can only write a handful of traffic tickets, which only after that in the courts

14.Influence of radio frequencies on our lives

Today we seem to be living in a society that deals with frequency, and all kinds of communication tools seem to be inextricably linked to frequency.

We live in a modern society and it is extremely important to know many things about technology. After all, that’s what makes our lives easier. Can you imagine, what would the world be without internet or mobile phones, cars, modern machines and so on? Yes, it would not be such a good place to live, because everything will be very difficult. That’s why we need to know some basic things about these blocking devices.

In this article we want to draw attention to the so-called frequencies and how we use them in almost every little aspect of our lives. Have you ever wondered how the signal is transmitted between the phones or how is the wireless network transmitted? Or maybe, how do these security doors always open as you approach them? Luckily for you we have the answers to all your questions and they are the way you are. First of all, you need to know that each device uses a different frequency (each of the above devices), then you have to imagine that there is a way that you can easily block these frequencies, but we’ll tell you a bit later ,

So if you are trying to do something, open a security door or make a new wireless connection Fake base station junk jammer, you must know that this is all done with the help of radio frequencies. For example, Wi-Fi frequencies are 2.4GHz, GSM – 1900/850 MHz, Bluetooth – 2.4GHz and so on. If you want to block one of these frequencies, you need to know that there is a way that you can do so without serious effort, and the answer to all your questions is distress.

That’s right – sorry. Depending on the object you want to block, you must use the same jammer that supports one of the above frequencies. The jammer sends the signals at the same frequency as the device that is to be jammed. Then you need to check your local laws, as in most cases it is dangerous to own such a device, simply because the authorities prohibit the use of any blocking devices. After that you have to set up your budget. Here we want to mention that the most expensive is not always the best. You may find affordable signal blockers that meet your needs. The more expensive they are – the more frequencies they can work.

After all the competition between the biggest zapper manufacturers are pretty intense and for that reason you have to know that prices are getting lower and lower. Because of this, you may want to take advantage of their offerings and be sure that if you buy one of these devices – it can be considered a good investment. So far, we do not know a person who has bought a jammer and is not satisfied with the result. Just make sure the jammer you’re buying supports the frequency you need to block.