Are there any health risks of using jammers?

Hello people! The answer to this question is very important for me to know because my health and health of my family members are of great value for me. So does it risky or not?

A telecommunications jammer is a device that transmits a signal intended to partially or totally prevent communication between a transmitter and a receiver. While encryption refers to digital signal processing, the scrambler refers to an analog communication. Jamming is achieved by superimposing a spurious signal on the normal signal.

You have probably heard about cell phone radiation danger? Although they are not harming us in a short time, if you would use your mobile phone for a few hours of talking holding it near your ear (read: near your head), there might be some serious problems because of the wireless waves emitting in the close proximity to your brain. Just think about it.

The same story is with the signal jammers. The radio signals they emit are quite alike to those created by mobile communication devices like cell phones and smartphones. Thus if you are using cell phone jammer, do not hold it for long time very close to your body, especially to your head. When you use it in your pocket, make sure it would not work there for too long.

I hope this information would help you to use signal jammers with no health risks and peacefully enjoy the effect they can make.