Is it possible to jam wireless LAN network?

Hi guys! It is one thing that bothers me: is it possible somehow to block the signal of the wireless LAN network in the area around me? Thanks for the answers in advance!

He also said that ROK United States authorities at the time of the Korean War interfered with electronic warfare response, while protecting the South Korean military radar and electronic equipment. He reported that, according to South Korean military sources, North Korea has recently been significantly enhanced the combat power of GPS interference, adding special electronic warfare units to Kaesong and Haeju dominated the front zone. According to South Korean military office reports, North Korea uses the past purchased from the two major jammer equipment by GPS country Zhou Bian, recently North Korea is developing only autonomous devices.

The other controversy raised by the introduction of Scrambler geolocation is that of the effects on the health of electromagnetic waves. Many studies tend to show that these waves, when using a laptop, would be harmful to health. They would be dangerous for the transmission of a message. Now the wifi jammer, to be effective, emits electromagnetic waves continuously which can channel at any time the electromagnetic wave carrier of the message. It would be more harmful than the laptop itself and would be contrary to the precautionary principle. The European Union has also spoken out in terms of protecting the general public against electromagnetic fields. The Council proposes limit values ​​in its recommendation dated 12 July 1999. Finally, it is forced to note that mobile phones are constantly increasing among young people in recent years. Increasingly, they are a pollution for any teacher but they are above all, sophisticated instruments and easy to conceal to allow exam fraud. The report of the national education of April 2011 containing the beginnings of the circular of May 3, 2011, further restricts the use of laptops by prohibiting them during exams such as the test of the baccalaureate. The GSM jammer would then be a solution. Nowadays, GSM waves are no longer the only ones used in electronic communications. Indeed, there is also EDGE, 3G or 4G. These waves use frequencies quite different from those of GSM waves. Thus, a GSM scrambler can not avoid the use of mobile phones with these other frequencies.

Those wireless signal jammers have different size and jamming power, and as a result of it they have various blocking range as well. So in order to select the right model for yourself you need to precisely determine the distance to the WLAN you want to jam and the radius that must be covered by the blocking signal of your 2.4G jammer.

I hope this information is useful to you and new knowledges would help you to solve your problem with the wireless LAN network around you! 🙂