What is the military usage of signal jammers?

Hello everyone! I have heard a lot about different signal jammers so it is interesting for me to know what purpose those special military signal jammers have in present time?

When thousands of US missiles hit Iraq, the United States suddenly acquired the effect of this blow doubts. These missiles used wisely yet? Why After obtaining accurate hijacking of Saddam accurate missile launch did not achieve the intended purpose? When the US military found the Geospatial GPS scrambler system in Iraq, to ​​wake up a dream, Iraq’s original have their sworn enemy –GPS Scrambler system. This America furious discovery, because they already launched missiles cost at least a party can not reach the intended target, thousands of Do Bust nuclear missiles high? ! US GPS scrambler system proceed immediately to destroy Iraq. On March 25, US General Victor Reynolds Hamilton correspondent conference to Qatar Central Command announced that coalition forces had destroyed six Iraqi GPS jammer system used to interfere with coalition satellite positioning signals. Meanwhile, US President George W. Bush called on Russian President Vladimir Putin, accusing Russian companies sold weapons to Iraq, the Iraqi resistance is the use of these weapons attack coalition forces, Bush made a special mention of satellite signal interference. The White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said that a Washington report on the Russian company to provide GPS jammer equipment in Iraq is very concerned about. However, Russia categorically denied that providing these devices. US military weapon: GPS GPS (Global Positioning System) is the United States, the development of a vast satellite network of satellite positioning system around the Earth 24 to accurately calculate the location of the use of the ‘user. Because of its accuracy at no more than 10 meters, the US system was widely used in the Gulf War, the Kosovo war, the war in Afghanistan, and played a great power. In order to improve the accuracy, United States Department of Defense in the actual operation, has increased four satellites, so the total number of satellites are 28, the accuracy of the increase accordingly at least 7 meters. Coupled with the use of the US military is better able to compensate for the gap of the atmospheric encryption receiver, they can achieve more accurate real-time accuracy. US forces have been developing high-tech, and arming high-tech, GPS is an important part of it. With the growing dependence on the US military GPS global positioning system, the United States is very scared of the havoc system jammer GPS would have on them. Therefore, the US Department of Defense, led by the Air Force, continue to take all measures to protect the integrity of GPS signal, and enhance their immunity. These include: improving the power of the satellite signal and improving signal processing capabilities, for use on more sophisticated aircraft, ships, land vehicles and GPS receiver weapons, developing the new military code, better anti-jammer capability and so on.

There are many other usages of signal jammers invented by military forces of the world like Korean super powerful military jammer or powerful field jammer kits. But their usage is restricted to common people and is allowed only to authorized persons. Yet there is a military jammer for civilian usage that may be used by you in case of essential need.

I hope this information would be useful and informative to you and after that signal jammer usage would become