How can I protect my house from ReconRobotics Recon Scout XT?

Hi folks! Recently I watched a video where this small and pacey robot was thrown into the house to conduct reconnaissance inside. How can I secure my home from such threat?

Woodrow, head of operations at Gatwick Airport in the UK, said the airport would remain closed until the drone was intercepted. At present, London police have sent 20 police forces to search for drone jammer controllers and initially dismissed the suspected terrorist attacks. The police believe that this is deliberate deliberate interference with the airport.

Recon Scout XT has a weight of 1.2 pounds and it can be easily thrown where the reconnaissance must be conducted. It can also be attached to the pole or other similar thing for more comfortable surveillance. The robots are remotely controlled. And by the way, 2200 units have been already deployed by the military forces and many other federal, state and even local agencies.

If you want to have complete protection against this kind of surveillance technology, you need to break the connection between Recon Scout XT and its remote control. When this smart robot left without human control, it becomes helpless and stops its surveillance activity.

According to reports, Gatwick Airport is 43 km south of London and is the second largest airport in the United Kingdom. On the 19th, at 9 pm local time, the airport suddenly found two industrial grade UAVs that could interfere with the aircraft taking off and landing, and the airport closed the runway. The airport reopened at 3:00 am on the 20th. After 45 minutes, the airport again suffered drone interferences and the authorities then announced the airport closure.