How can I protect my home from iRobot 710 Warrior?

Hello everyone! Recently I watched a video of iRobot 710 Warrior and I am scared that this thing might be used against me. Is there any way to stop it outside of my house?

Under English law, no drone can be released within 1 km of the airport and people who break the rules can be sentenced to a maximum of five years imprisonment. Gatwick Airport is asking passengers to confirm that the flight can fly normally before traveling to the airport for check-in. The official website of the airport apologizes to all concerned passengers and stresses the importance of protecting passengers and flight safety.

But if the iRobot 710 Warrior get into wrong hands, it may become very huge potential danger for anyone. It is highly maneuverable, can climb stairs and other slopes both up and down, has surveillance cameras and very skillful manipulator that can do a lot of things, among which are reaching places that are hard to reach and lifting cars. Still it has a weak spot.

iRobot 710 Warrior must be controlled by human through remote control station using radio Ethernet connection. This connection can use wide spectrum of frequencies for its operation and it is impossible to determine the exact frequency range used to operate particular signal jammer iRobot 710 Warrior. It can be GSM900, WiFi or other wireless frequency band. The range of the wireless remote control for iRobot 710 Warrior is about 800 meters, so you probably will not see who hides behind this metal machine.