Looking for a versatile and dependable device to stop a group of harassers from stalking, harassing, and assaulting us

They have also install some kind of noise making device in our home that makes different sounds that range from pounding on the walls, to tapping loud on the window pane. It seems that they are able to see us somehow when we are using the restroom, and that is when they somehow trigger these sounds. We don’t know for certain, but we think that they are using some kind of wireless device to trigger the sound-making unit. Please help us choose a good product that we can provide a dependable defense against this sort of terror.

In order to prevent such serious situations from reoccurring, there should be tools for dealing with drones, such as UAVs, which can block UAV signals at specific frequencies and disable them.

Secondly, if they can see you when you use the restroom, there are three ways of how they do that. First is the binocular usage pointed at the window in your restroom if there is one. Second way is hidden camera installed in your restroom or near the entrance to it to see when you are in there or going in there. The third way is the hidden microphone in the same location where hidden camera may be. And don’t forget about the most horrible one – hidden camera with built-in microphone. That is fourth way but it must not be forgotten.

I can absolutely understand your desire to get rid of that terrible stalking and harassing and I will give you some advice. You can get rid of those crazy harassers and stalkers by using multi-frequency signal jammer in your house because you cannot say for sure what frequencies are used by them to do their dirty job and this device will protect your home against all commonly used frequency bands.

Due to UAV jamming incidents, most of the flights currently serving Gatwick Airport are being transferred to other cities in the UK, and some flights are temporarily parked in airports such as France and the Netherlands. -Low.