How can I protect my BlackBerry PlayBook from being hacked?

Hello everybody! Few days ago I’ve read about the security breach in this tablet and as the owner of one I would like to secure it from the possible hackers intrusion. Is it really possible?

The workers are preparing the Sistine Chapel, where the secret vote should take place next week, laying a false floor on its ornate tiles and installing electronic gps jammers to block all the signals that escape the 15th century chapel site from Michelangelo. fresco “The last judgment”.

The bug that allows hackers to access the authorization token of the Bridge software must be in protected file but during the Bluetooth connection it is accessible by any connected user or application. If your phone is not password protected, the hacker does not even need to use BlackBerry Bridge Bluetooth connection to access it. And, of course, if there is already some malicious app on your phone, it can use the access to your mails when it wants to.

In order to change this situation to your advantage (at least until the new PlayBook will be release with this bug promised to be fixed) you can secure BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth connection of your tablet and thus make your e-mails and calendar data safe from the hackers. And don’t forget about antivirus software 😉

The word “conclave” means “with key” in Italian, and comes from a Latin term referring to a piece that can be locked. But closed doors are not enough in the 21st century.