How can I stop location-based apps from sharing my location?

Hello people! Recently I’ve read an article about location based apps like Girls Around Me which can share my location without even notifying me. How can I prevent that from happening?

With the development of science and technology, some large companies, has now installed mobile phone signal jammer in the work area, this cell phone signal jammer can interfere, WiFi, completely isolate the function of your phone, let employees work better. Especially in a large conference room, they use a cell phone jammer, make sure the meeting is not interrupted, the meeting information is stolen, not only improves the efficiency and also improved the protective measures some information. Do not let competitors or criminals profit.

In fact, Girls Around Me app used Foursquare check-ins along with Facebook data for boys to be able to effortlessly track girls around them, but the purpose of that tracking was unclear. The website of that app had a slogan that hints on the usage of Girls Around Me app with the goal of either find your love or one night stand.

Although Foursquare pulled its API access and Girls Around Me app has ended its existence, there are many other apps which may become creepy. The app called Color can expose your photos from social media into the hands of any stranger, even those you don’t want to be shared. Another app, Find My Phone, may be used by any of your ex-partner in very abusive way.

Or you can use, let’s say, app to find the nearest restaurant to have a dinner date in it. The app will use the GPS tracking module of your smartphone to perform such service to you but it can also share your location data with third-party company that will place location-based ads which might really annoy you, constantly popping up at your smartphone.

The scrambling device is a very simple device that uses the basic technology provided by the phone itself.