How can I protect myself from RF Design u-blox tracking?

Hi there! I only know that this u-blox is the new development at the tracking market so I am interested how can I avoid being tracked by it?

Other common uses of jammers such as these are to limit interruptions due to ringing cell phones in places such as cinemas, libraries, schools, theatrical performances, banks, hospitals, etc. , in case you believe that someone (ie spouse, police, private investigator, etc.) has placed a tracking device on you or your vehicle.

The main feature of RF Design u-blox is its cross-frequency work. No matter what kind of model is built-in into the tracker, be it LEON or LISA, it can easily adapt to such frequency bands as 2G (GSM, GPRS, CDMA), 3G and even 4G to use them as the auxiliary frequencies when the main GPS tracking frequency cannot do its job, for example, when you are in the tunnel or in some other place where GPS cannot reach you. Still that is not all that it’s got.

The frequency ranges mentioned above are used for few things. First of all, if the original GPS tracking of this system is being jammed, the RF Design u-blox detects that and uses its wireless frequencies to send the signal to the base station about its being jammed by the GPS jammer at this very moment. But if you think that its tracking came to an end, you are wrong. This u-blox microchip uses cell phone bands to triangulate your location by means of cell phone towers, regardless of the mobile phone operator you are using.

There are many uses for a signal jammer like this. As illustrated above, this can be very useful for law enforcement because blocking cell phones and GPS signals can help ensure safety. As such, they are often used by police and the military and are also used inside prisons to prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world.