How can I block new WiFi kiosks in New York?

Hi to all! There are ten WiFi kiosks in New York already and they will add more in the nearest future. I suppose that it is done for location tracking of every person in New York so how can I avoid it?

Due to the serious consequences of using mobile phones, the importance of banning mobile phones in important places is reflected by the side. Answer to the question of the use of the cell phone is prohibited in many important places to carry mobile phones in the country’s intelligence service, military and government departments in the office is forbidden to use mobile phones, even cellular closed will not be allowed. In order to ensure the actual put an end to the use of mobile phones, this important place will install the cell phone jammer, so as not to forget to carry mobile phones, or mobile phones entering illegally and causing great losses .

As far as I know, the next boroughs to be upgraded with such payphone kiosks with free WiFi hotspots would be Bronx and Staten Island. Every payphone with such hotspot has a special sign on it for people who needs to use it would not miss it. While WiFi hotspots are mostly used for indoor tracking (though it is not the only technology for that), if that WiFi network will be made across whole New York with high density of hotspots then it might be used for quite precise outdoor location tracking within that network.

But I guess you already realize that and want to get some answers, right? Don’t worry, you can easily avoid be in tracked in such way with the help of New York WiFi payphone kiosk jammer that will protect you from all WiFi signals from those hotspots and won’t let anyone to track you in that way.

The head of the Russian Chechen uprising, Dudayev, was shot dead by Russian troops on a mobile phone. The phone may also leak in the standby or even shutdown state. Because the mobile phone has to maintain an uninterrupted signal exchange with the communication network, the resulting electromagnetic spectrum can easily be identified, monitored and tracked. Some phones themselves have a hidden call feature, which can be turned into a call-out state without ringing or display, and reveal the secret. Intelligence experts say you can not keep your cell phone at your side.