How can I block Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G-V cell phone signal booster?

Hi everyone! My neighbours bought this cell phone signal booster and use it to talk on their cell phone loudly closer to my house. I hate that! How can I block that booster but not their cell phones completely?

During the war in Afghanistan, the United States used such reconnaissance satellites to gather information about the Taliban and Al-Qaida. Bin Ladan reportedly used his mobile phone for fear of being tapped. The right arm of Bin Laden, the al-Qaeda number. 2, ABU Zubaydah, was taken using his mobile phone to expose his hiding place.

Still it works not with all frequencies. The bands which might be enhanced by Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G-V cell phone signal booster are 800MHz and 1900MHz cell phone signals, and also 700MHz Verizon Wireless LTE. The price of standard vehicle model is $129, though the price of modified version for indoor usage may vary.

In order to block this cell phone signal booster but not make all cell phones in your house and in the house of your neighbours become useless, you need to use Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G-V cell phone  jammer that will stop the work of this booster but leave the signals of cell phones untouched.

The mobile phone is widely used in the professional life of people with its convenient and flexible features. Cellular communication is the transmission of voice and data information in an open electronic communication system. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, it will be able to intercept anytime, anywhere and any call information of a person. Each mobile phone call can be operated.