What can I do to lose a tail if I am followed?

Hi guys! If I am followed by car or on foot by some stranger unknown to me – what can I do to lose a tail and be safe again?

While millions of people embrace the freedoms of mobile communication, some people and businesses are pushing the trend. They fight technology with technology, using detectors, jammers and other gadgets to defend privacy, safety and sometimes mental health.

If your tail is still there – don’t panic! You can go to the public place where you would be much safer (if it is not your jealous ex) from the dangerous stranger and call the police from there. If you are in your car and another car is following you – look for as many details about that car as possible (its color, license plate number, how the driver looks like, if there any damages at the car, its model, etc.) and call the police from your car.

If your life is at stakes in the dangerous pursuit then you can try to do some serious maneuvers at your own risk, including rapid turning before the traffic light changes to red or trying to speed up / slow down at the highway, etc. If your tail lost you and suddenly came back at your trail – something is not right. There is a small chance that it is pure luck but most likely that you have a GPS tracking device somewhere in or under your car. The only thing that can save you in such situation is blocking the signal of GPS tracking device because without it person who is stalking you will not be able to find you again after you vanished into thin air.

NEW YORK – A coffee shopper is fed up with cell phone jammer chatter sitting in a blissful silence bubble while nearby customers make fun of dead handsets.
A man tries to take a secret snapshot with his camera phone, but only gets an empty screen.
A priest imbues his church with new energy – the electromagnetic type – to keep his sermons serene and free of beeps, chirps and rock tones.