How can I avoid being tracked in Washington taxi?

Hi folks! Recently I’ve discovered that soon all taxi cabs in Washington, D.C. will be equipped with GPS tracking devices. Can I secure myself from that?

Johannesburg – Parliament’s controversial cell phone signal jammer could have struggled to discourage even a toy drone not worrying a military, experts say.

But security concerns, courtesy suggestions and the law did not stop people from buying jammers.
He added that some businessmen are also using jammers to keep meetings quiet or to disable potential listening devices, especially cell phones rigged to be bugs.

Well, in general it is OK to have GPS tracking in taxi cab. Still, there might be extraordinary cases in your life. For example, you have noticed that someone is following you in hot pursuit. You hide your car in the underground parking garage, walking on foot and catch a taxi cab to drive away from that place. Yet if there is a GPS tracking device in that taxi, clever evildoers might figure out your manoeuvre and, supposing that you are in one of the taxi cabs which driving around, track all of them using GPS tracking and find you again.

In a case like I have describe or any other similar case the only option you have is to block GPS trackers in Washington taxi and secure your location from being discovered by bad guys.