Can I prevent Kymera Magic Wand from working somehow?

Hello people! My lovely wife is a huge fan of Harry Potter and recently he bought this Kymera Magic Wand to use it instead of our normal TV remote. It not always works as it should and it really annoys me to control my TV like that. Is there any way to make it stop working without breaking it or taking batteries off? I just want my wife to throw that thing away and back to using common TV remote control.

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wand to jammer

As long as you neither want to just break Kymera Magic Wand and make your wife very angry about it nor take out the batteries and risk to make him upset (or just go buy another pack of batteries) you will need to use more delicate approach to this problem. In order to make your wife believe that his Kymera Magic Wand is broken and not working even with batteries inside you can simply block the signal of Kymera Magic Wand and prevent it from controlling your TV.

wand to jammers

This simple action would make your wife to forget about Kymera Magic Wand and return to ordinary remote control usage. Just don’t forget to turn your TV remote signal jammers off when the man you love will start using normal TV remote 😉

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