How can I prevent my wedding being ruined by rude mobile phone users

Hello everyone! In the nearest future I will have my wedding and everything should be perfect at that day, but I am worrying about mobile phone talkers. Can I protect from it somehow?

Hello! Most cell phones use the 4G 3G signal, which specializes in 2G signal interference 4G intelligent mobile jammers. We know that the smart phone jammer is a cell phone signal from the device transmitted in the phone uses the same frequency range, creating a strong interference Another reason is that cell phone jammers in the signal range is lost and do not know the reason, but simply indicates the receipt difference.

As long as wedding process is not a small party in the house but huge event with many guests eating, drinking, dancing and having a lot of fun in the open air, I guess the best solution for your problem would be to use powerful desktop jammer for weddings that would cover wide area around it and prevent anyone from using their smartphones in the most important moment