How can I stop Garmin Swim watch tracking and recording

Hi there! I need to block that swim watch in any way. How can I manage to do that?

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After entering the size of your pool you can start your swimming workouts. Garmin Swim will register different strokes, their number and type, elapsed time, total laps, distance in meters, average swimming speed and even calories you have burnt. All that data can be uploaded to the Garmin Connect website with the help of USB ANT stick that pairs your PC with the watch.

ANT technology is developed and used to establish connection between 2.4GHz bands like WiFi or Bluetooth and different sensors, e.g. to collect and transfer sensor information. In fact, it can act as receiver, transmitter and transceiver, routing the data from and to other nodes. It uses 2.4GHz, 868MHz and 915MHz (part of GSM900) bands to operate. So you need to use special device against Garmin Swim watch because it must deal with extremely specific combination of frequencies at the same time.