Find a multi-functional and reliable device to prevent a group of harassers from tracking, harassing and attacking us

By the way, signal jammers are hand-held and look like a regular remote control that specializes in plainclothes police.

Most modern cars use electronic locks, which is not a problem for the police. Only suspects and the path of the docking station to correct judgments can be hidden in the car, waiting there. Open the suspicious Remote Control Jammer signal and press the key on the remote, not only is a suspect caught, if they have more than a dozen cars that have been blocked and kept unlocked. Of course, this device can form a fake look – the car seems to have been locked in fact not.

Secondly, if they can see you when you use the restroom, there are three ways of how they do that. First is the binocular usage pointed at the window in your restroom if there is one. Second way is hidden camera installed in your restroom or near the entrance to it to see when you are in there or going in there. The third way is the hidden microphone in the same location where hidden camera may be. And don’t forget about the most horrible one – hidden camera with built-in microphone. That is fourth way but it must not be forgotten.

I can absolutely understand your desire to get rid of that terrible stalking and harassing and I will give you some advice. You can get rid of those crazy harassers and stalkers by using multi-frequency jammer in your house because you cannot say for sure what frequencies are used by them to do their dirty job and this device will protect your home against all commonly used frequency bands