Can a tattoo-like electronic device monitor my movements

Hello everyone! Recently such device was implanted under my skin to monitor my health condition but I am afraid that government could place some tracking chip there. Is it possible?

ecently, a school principal in Spokane, Washington, bought a phone scrambler to keep cell phones from running while students were in class. The scrambling device was turned on during school hours and turned off during transit times and lunch time. His reasoning for the measure was frustration by the continued distraction of texting and cell phone jammer calls during the course.

I think it’s a good idea. I did it in school without a cell phone and although I know that young people who read it will say they did not have a cell phone when I was in school 21 years ago, the fact is that we live without them. If we were sick and had to go home, we went to the office to use the phone. There was a pay phone in the lobby.

While this flexible membrane full of wires and microchips is implanted under your skin, it is quite possible that among all those wires there will be tiny tracking chip called RFID. This tracking technology is tuned to track the location of the biological species in the most comfortable way. So the answer to your question is: yes, your electronic tattoo-like device can work as tracker hidden under your skin. Since you need that device to continue monitoring your health condition, you have to stop RFID tracker inside of it and prevent Big Brother watching you illegally.