What’s the matter with smart clothes?

Hi folks! I’ve heard that there is such thing as smart clothing which is developed in a few research laboratories in the world. What is this thing and can it possibly become a threat for us?

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The physicist from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, located in Canada, named Maksim Skorobogatiy, is the chief scientist of the project. He says that most research labs just putting microchips inside the clothes without worrying about how it will fit to what people wear. His lab is trying to really integrate all components into the fiber, in fact creating the new type of fiber that would be used to sew new types of clothes.

Despite the fact that such clothing may be quite useful for us in the future (health conditions monitoring, etc.), it can also become the cause of some troubles, like clothes patented by Apple which sometimes called iWear. Such clothes can contain a lot of various sensors and other electronic stuff, thus small GPS tracker placed there will remain unnoticed to you and do its tracking job.