Can I kick my kid’s phone addiction

Hello everyone! I love my daughter very much and it is pain to see how deeply she is addicted to her cell phone. Is there a cure for this that will help?

“When there are mobile phones, there is a continuous background of” Please put your mobile phone under cover. Please give me your cell phone, “Gray said.

The fight between teachers and students on the use of mobile phones in schools has reached a new level in British Columbia. when a school principal has installed a cell phone jammer to stop ringtones, speech and text messaging.

The thing is that you need to combine few methods to gain the maximum effect of the curing process. You need to use mobile phone jammers to cure cell phone addiction and at the same time your daughter must have different activities with friends and family without distracting at her mobile phone (thanks to the jammers).

If you want to learn more about cell phone addiction then just read this blog post about addiction spreading like disease. And as you know, diseases must be cured, so don’t shelve this problem until it would be too late to react!