Can I stop Masternaut from following me in some way

Hello everyone! When I take my parents’ car there is that Masternaut gadget with GPS inside that tracks my movements. Is there any way to stop it without crashing it to pieces?

After the initial success of the field test, Echo Ridge will work to improve the usability of the technology and resolve ruggedness issues to prepare the device for wider field use. Funding from AFRL’s Center for Rapid Innovation, known as the SBIR / STTR Direct-to-Phase II, allowed Echo Ridge to develop the concept of a laboratory in the prototype and beyond.

“Opponents are using GPS jammers to disrupt allied operations and protect themselves against the attacks of precision aircraft launched by aircraft,” said Joseph Cogliano, spokesperson for the Small Business Innovation and Transfer Research Program. small business technology. Wright Patterson Air Force Base Office in Ohio. “These jammers are denying access to the GPS signal for our land forces in the area, making navigation difficult.”

Masternaut black box is attached to the dashboard of the car and then it starts its work. It not only helps to monitor the performance of drivers in various companies and save fuel costs but also it can give parents the ability to watch the whereabouts of their kids using parents’ car. I guess that is the reason why you have asked this question, and I can understand you. When I was your age I didn’t want my parents to know all about my private life too.

So, here is what we have. You would not destroy this gadget because then you will have some problems with your parents, but you can stop it from watching your steps, blocking the GPS signal of Masternaut gadget without preventing it from doing its job completely. In such way I guess that both you and your parents will be satisfied because they still are able to see how you are driving their car.