What’s the matter with smart clothes? Is it dangerous?

Hi everyone! I have seen this scary thing on the internet so I am curious about how its effect can be avoided completely?

Well-known longitudinal GPS jammers has a strong interference performance, and can block the enemy on the signal battlefield, the collapse of radio systems, plays a vital role in the outcome of the war. The US military is working on a new technology designed to avoid the threat of GPS jamming. We come to a detailed look at this event.

The military is developing a new battlefield tool that will help land forces navigate in hostile territory without the GPS platforms being vulnerable. Instead, fighters will use radio frequency signals as a source of positioning information. To view navigation solutions on a map, the tool connects to a smartphone running the Air Force Android Tactical Assault Kit.

Inside this surveillance device there are ARM Cortex-A8 computer, which is also called Gumstix, Arduino Nano used for comfortable SPI display control, special LED Bargraph to show the wireless signal level, that is controlled by nice GPIO pin outs made by Overo COM, powerful 802.11 wireless board antenna for network connection, 3.7V battery, 5mm cardioid microphone, 64×32 pixel LCD display that is harvested from the NKK SmartSwitch and MicroSD card with 8Gb memory.

The working principle of this device consists of few phases. First of all it establishes connection with the wireless network nearby, hacking into available websites and stealing server data. After that it must be activated by the user. When Transparency Grenade is activated, the notification of “detonation” will appear on the website at the dedicated server where stolen data was sent. There it will be disassembled to get photos, video- and audio records which would be available online just after any website visitor clicks the “detonation spot” on the map.

As you can see, we have very cool gadget with many potential ways of using it. But in wrong hands it may become extremely dangerous thing. Yet stop worrying because you can prevent Transparency Grenade from breaking into your wireless network and by doing so keep your private data or data of your website users safe and secure