Is it possible to use Livestream broadcaster box for spying?

Hi guys, I really need to know whether it is possible. And if it is yes, how to achieve it and avoid it’s spying? Many thanks in advance!

There are many who still believe that security threats and attacks are quite difficult to execute. They believe that to have such threats, it is necessary for someone to sit or be part of the same network on which your device is located. However, it is a completely incorrect perception. You can easily find simple but effective methods to compromise the network, where different devices are connected, even if the network is goodbye.

To take care of this situation, we must act now. This is not a problem, which will take place in the future. On the contrary, it exists right now. There are cybercriminals on the Internet who are looking to exploit the weaknesses right now. At the same time, the industry does not do much to deal with this situation.

There is no doubt that where there is great power, there are many responsibilities. However, this idea is absent from the creation of the current batch of suppliers that supply consumer products. They are not very cautious in adding the new feature to an existing product. I went looking for some of the devices by myself. I watched some of the devices connected to the home network. The results shocked me completely. In a few minutes, I compromised many devices. They have been turned into zombie machines. All titles were bypassed and there was access, easily made to files on specific storage devices, which I previously had no access authority.

The Broadcaster box is really cool because there are lots of possibilities apart from the remote controlling. And that is cool because the price for that gadget is a bit too high. That gadget is powered with a power adapter, but it can work with three AAA batteries for up to 3 hours as well. That is useful if you need to do some field filming.

And now we’ve got to the most interesting and really dangerous part of those devices. They can stream video over Wi-Fi, 3G and even 4G. That’s the feature that may turn Livestream broadcaster box into a perfect spy. So if someone is filming you with a cam with broadcaster box on it – be careful. But we at have some means of protection. As I’ve said the device uses three various data transmission standards. It’s Wi-Fi with 2.4 GHz frequency, 3G with 2100 MHz and 4G with both LTE and Wi-Max, which are 875 MHz and 2500 – 2700 MHz. We have the kind of a device that will surely block the connections of that broadcaster box. I’m talking about a GPS  jammer device. Using it will stop broadcaster from broadcasting.