Will my cell phone jammer block the iPhone?

Hello guys, I wonder if my GSM jammer will work with iPhone 5? If I’ll try to jam a guy who is on his new iPhone 5 what the effect will be? Will he lose his connection?

“We demonstrated that there was enough data from the lower layers of the common GSM communication stack that allowed the attacker to perform location tests directly on the victim’s mobile phone. We have also demonstrated that these tests can be performed discreetly without the owner of the cell phone being informed by instantly terminating PSTN calls just before they are completed, “written by the authors of the document entitled GSM interface. ), which come from the College of Science and Engineering.

The problem is in that that a new iPhone 5 has a very wide connectivity. It may work with 2G, 3G and 4G LTE mobile telecommunications generations. So the range of frequencies it uses to transmit the signals is really wide too. It compiles from 850 to 2700 MHz. You can find more on those modern telecommunication generations on our blog.

It has blocked the frequencies it could block, but the 3G and 4G are out of its reach. It’s rather hard to block iPhone 5 using only one signal jammer, but there is a solution. Jammer-Store has recently developed a universal powerful signal blocker that jams iPhone 5 for sure!