Is there any way to jam my neighbor’s car alarm?

I need to know is there any possibility to jam my neighbour’s car alarm? He bought it two days ago and I already just hate it! I can’t sleep because it is really loud. I don’t know what triggers it but his car stands in a garage near my window.

Scientists describe that wireless carriers’ mobile towers must track their subscribers to record the previous route on their network and connect all phone calls successfully. Access to mobile phone tracking data should also be made available to law enforcement authorities for security purposes.

According to a recent study from the University of Minnesota, GSM cellular networks provide a sufficient amount of location information to allow different third parties to easily access the location of mobile phone users.

The only way how can we stop your neighbour’s car alarm is to jam that 315 MHz frequency. Our specialized alarm jamming device will affect the car like that: your neighbour will not be able to turn that noisy alarm on. But be careful and don’t jam that frequency constantly, because your neighbour will not be able to turn the alarm off too.

Our jammer works in 25 meters range and will also jam all remote controls in the area of effect, including TV remote, toy’s remote, remote controls of an air conditioner, garage doors remote control and many more.

You can try a universal car alarm gps jammer if you think that your neighbour’s car alarm is produced not in the US or Canada. The universal jammer works with all frequencies remote controls use.