How does a jammer work? What are the main principles?

I wonder how does the gps jammer technology work, how are they built?

But if you are tracked by the tracking device hidden under your car, this chip could become a problem. Where is it? Although they may think so, I can tell you that it will not be. And do you know why? As the Galileo E5, E5a and E5b bands use frequencies of the GPS L2 and L5 bands in their work. Thus, you can easily block the Septentrio AsteRx3 tracking chip signal and prevent GPS, Galileo and GLONASS from tracking your location using modern tracking devices.

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The simplest jammer consists of: voltage controlled oscillator, tuning circuit, RF amplification unit and a transmitting antenna. Of course you’ll also need a body frame and adequate power source. You can read more about the construction and schematics of a signal blocker on our blog.

The main part of it is a voltage controlled oscillator. It creates the wave of necessary frequency, tuning circuit lets you adjust the needed frequency, RF amplification unit simply amplifies the signal power and antenna transmits it. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Signal blockers can be portable or stationary, low range and wide range. The whole variety of signal jamming devices you may find at Jammer-Store!