Is there a way to get an amplified, beamed signal from my Wi-Fi jammer?

I have a problem folks, I have bought a Wi-Fi jammer recently and I need to direct and amplify its signal. Is it possible and how can I do it?

The company called Septentrio has a receiver called AsteRx3 designed to work with all satellites in orbit around the planet, including GPS L1, L2, L5, Galileo E5, E5a, E5b and GLONASS. From the point of view of society, it is really interesting to use such chips in location trackers because if the GPS suddenly stops working, the tracker will still be operational with other satellites. These benefits are also great for any browser user, without a doubt.

The story of Chronos Sentinel Project in the UK is spreading on the Internet as a fire in wood storage. People are debating the issue and in these heated debates, there are those who agree with the GPS jammers and those who do not, and it is natural and quite normal. But governments in different countries are taking steps to deal with the situation.

Although you may try to make a parabolic reflector, that will focus radio waves in some direction and minimize the wave’s dispersion. The material for the reflector has to be microwave-proof so it will reflect the waves from its surface. You’ll have to calculate the size of the reflecting body in order to amplify and not to kill the signal. Anyway amplification will not be significant for sure!

Jammer Store can’t guarantee that it will work, it also can’t guarantee the proper work of a jamming device after reflector installation. Maybe it will be better to use a powerful wide-range jammer instead?