Can the new Belkin AC1200 DB Gigabit Router block it?

Hello everyone! This new high-tech router worries me a lot because my privacy is the top priority concern for me. Can I make it stop its work somehow?

This portable GPS jammer interferes with L1 GPS signals, with a maximum range of 15 meters, and the range of disturbances can be affected by your environment. It also uses notebook design, very convenient to carry and conceal, full of electricity can work a long time, will not affect the use of mobile phones and other electronic equipment, GPS signal, only when it is working, well Sure, the GPS function of your mobile phone can not be used normally. Likewise, we’ve been distributing adapters and car chargers for you, with unique features that have become a popular product in the GPS jammers market.

The GPS jammer is a necessary device for people who have been on the road for a long time. They need to drive their cars everywhere for a long time. Their location information is important, so following without the need to make a threat to them, they will usually buy a GPS jammer could follow the GPS signal, when they need to turn on.

As long as AC1200 DB Gigabit Router uses two frequency ranges to operate, ordinary WiFi jammer can manage only one wireless connection that it creates, leaving the advanced wireless internet of the fifth generation (5G) working as if nothing had happened. So if you wish to make sure that Belkin AC1200 DB WiFi Dual Band AC+ Gigabit Router is blocked completely, you need to use adjustable jammer with preprogrammed frequency bands.

I don’t know why do you need to block such impressive device but I hope that this information will help you to achieve your goal quickly and effortlessly!