How to block Sonos Playbar?

I really need some help. I live at a large condominium and my neighbor is a real music fan. He has always listened to the music and never bothered me before but now he has installed that brand new Sonos Playbar 5.1 sound system. Now he turns it on every day and I’ve decided to contact you because I’ve heard that Sonos Playbar streams audio via Wi-Fi. What can I do to block it for sure?

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That device has 9 speakers. There are six 3.15 inch mids and three 1 inch tweeters. You can connect it to a TV, computer or a game console. It is worth mentioning that Sonos Playbar supports Gigabit Ethernet and it has a wide wireless connectivity, so you’ll be able to avoid all those wires all over your apartment. Also it has a couple of IR receivers so you will be able to control it with a remote control. Also there are mobile apps that will enable you to control the device with your smartphone.

As I’ve already mentioned that Sonos Playbar has a wide wireless connectivity. It is mounted with two Wi-Fi transceivers and the device has six antennas. It was made to utilize SonosNet peer-to-peer technology. It ensures extra low latency in streaming audio and synchronizing the sound with the picture on your TV or console. Sonos uses both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks for audio streaming and that its weakest point. We can recommend you to use a Wi-Fi jammer device to make sure that those speakers won’t be able to sync and stream audio.