Can somebody track me with a Find my iPhone application?

Is it possible and also I’d like to know how can somebody avoid that tracking, is it able to block that app by turning the phone off or using some kind of hardware?

Scramblers are able to differentiate hostile drones from hostile drones. If the threat is identified as hostile, it will be classified as a real threat that will then be intercepted in the “Act” phase. The Jammer can be deployed in a minimum amount of time and goes into action immediately. These drone gps jammer only operate in secure areas and can completely disable all drone flights ranging from 1 meter to 2000 meters.

Routine Military Exercises “is still the official Russian response, yet exercises with simulated interference are equally effective Lab tests, live exercises inside Russia, field operations in Ukraine and Syria have ensured that the Russian military knows precisely how their jamming equipment works, and they do not need to disrupt and endanger the air traffic and Norwegian lives to ensure military availability.

For AC-130 crews, an enemy blocking its communications systems or data links could be particularly dangerous for US special operators and conventional support forces and innocent bystanders. Combat helicopters rely heavily on these systems to help locate and positively identify targets and then coordinate their attacks with other piloted and unmanned aircraft and joint tactical air controllers in the field.

But that application has a couple of weaknesses, first of all if the device will be turned of, the app won’t find it’s location, so it is pretty simple to avoid that tracking, by simply turning the device off. So, that application can not guarantee 100% safety for your iDevice, but we at Perfectjammer still recommend you to install it, it may help if you will lose your mobile device.

Now let’s talk about tracking the user with that app. You should know that theoretically any device that has an embedded GPS receiver can be tracked. And that mobile application uses GPS navigation and cell phone tower triangulation. It is rather accurate and your location will be visible to anyone who has an access to your iCloud account. If you want to avoid tracking – you may use an A-GPS jamming device to make sure that nobody is watching you. If your mobile phone will be lost or stolen, it will not be jammed and its location will be visible again!