Is it safe to use iBeetle?

Hello, I’d like to know, whether it is safe to use iBeetle, it is a concept of modern, iPad and iPhone friendly Volkswagen Beetle, the main thing I’d like to be sure of is that whether iPhone is able to make some damage to car central computer?

Defense Department officials who spoke to NBC News did not confirm whether they had lost the drones because of the jamming, but one official said the jamming had an operational impact on the military operations in Syria.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, an international security organization that monitors the conflict in Ukraine, also reported that the drones they use to monitor the front line have been blocked several times.

Commanders may be more reluctant to use a GPS jammer bomb or rocket, especially near friendly forces, if there is reason to fear that it will fall on the wrong target due to jamming or another form of electronic warfare. This in turn could significantly limit the shooting support options available to US forces or their allies

First pf all you should know that your smartphone can track your location, no matter what OS it runs and who is the manufacturer. It can be done in a couple of ways, but the most widely spread are GPS tracking and cell tower triangulation, when your position is calculated between three closest cell towers. And we are sure, that having a tracking bug in your car is that what you are looking for.

Another negative consequence here may be distractions, while driving. Cell phone usage while driving causes a huge deal of car accidents not only in US, but all over the world, that’s why in many countries it is prohibited to use smartphones, while driving. And that may be the biggest problem of such an integration. That problem is far more concerning, when it comes to teenagers, because scientists say that they use smartphones far more frequently that adult people. And that’ the reason why parents often install cell phone signal blockers to avoid that and keep their kids focused on