Is Verifon’s Way2Ride application safe?

Hi there! I’m using Verifon’s Way2Ride app on my Android smartphone and I’d like to know is it really safe, because I’ve heard that it is using NFC technology that is quite vulnerable. I’d like to be sure that my smartphone, my personal data and the money on my account will be safe from any kind of NFC bugs, exploits and possibly viruses. Many thanks in advance!

By scrambling radio frequencies and positioning satellite signals, the device disrupts the control functions of the commercial UAV.

The UK is ready for the robot-on-robot war. A new anti-UAV weapon system called the Anti UAV Defense System, developed by Blight Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems Ltd., is a combined radar, camera and gps jammer system.

Here is how it works. First, the radar identifies and tracks the flying drone. Then, once the drone is within range of the camera, the electro-optical camera follows the drone, keeping the focus at all times. Finally, the scrambling device attacks it: Three antennas send a radio frequency signal to the targeted drone, trying to cut it off from its original controller. In a few seconds, the stuck UAV stops in the air and crashes to the ground.

But we at Perfectjammer have to remind you that all the convenience must be paid for, and in many cases it is paid with security. The problem with the app is in NFC technology, which is not really reliable. We’ve already seen questions on NFC vulnerabilities and we will try to help you. First of all make sure that your Android Beam is disabled, because it has a bug that enables hacker to remotely access your smartphone.

Keep in mind that everything that you send with radio signals may be intercepted. That’s the nature of radio waves, you can’t just limit them. The only way to achieve that is to use an NFC jamming device, but the problem is that due to technical issues, there is no small, portable version of the device. So the only option in that case is to avoid NFC at all, or at least turn it on only when necessary!