Refrigerator, that blocks cell phones, is it possible?

Hello, my question may sound silly, but have you heard about the latest Telestra mobile service malfunctions, due to the broken refrigerator? They say that the old ref was the source of the interference and blocked mobile communications in a few blocks around. I’d like to know if it is real and if it’s yes — how can I do it myself?

I bet there is almost no one currently living in modern times and do not know what Bluetooth is. Bluetooth is developing like any other technology, and that’s why you should know that there are many ways in which you can block the signal from this device.

Many people may be wondering who actually considers Bluetooth technology and, more importantly, why do they need to block this useful feature. In fact, many people use Bluetooth to transfer documents and there would be nothing wrong with that. Well, first of all, you should know that this type of technology operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency and, moreover, it is important to know that wireless networks also use the same frequency, which is the key .

The source of interference was found – it was an old refrigerator. And we can tell you that it could work as a mobile phone jammer. You know, any sufficient power surge may create a RF noise, that will block data transmissions on the 850 MHz frequency. And in our case – the engine of the refrigerator was the source of interference.

Cell phone jamming is possible, because transmitters of mobile phones have tiny 0.25-0.5W capacity and of course, a 1000W electric engine will be able to create the necessary frequency collisions to block those. But trying to do that at home may be dangerous, because you can have a short circuit instead and a fire, as a result. So in case if you need to block mobile communications – it will be much easier to get a decent cell phone signal jammer