How to jam Foscam FI9821w IP camera?

Hi there, I needed to setup a video surveillance system at home, without spending a small fortune, so’ I’ve installed those Chinese Foscam IP cameras. The problem is that I suspect that someone is watching me with my own cams. You know, sometimes they turn without my direct command. That’s why I’ve decided to go here, my friend told that it’s the place you where you can get help in your privacy protection.

Talking about the challenges he faced while working on the GPS signal jammer, Eng Hosni said, “I had to get all the parts from East Asian countries.” It was very difficult to collect enough information on how to use such a device I have traveled to countries such as France, Spain, Italy, South Korea and Malaysia to understand how the system works. ”

He stated that the jammer had been successfully tested on a drone operating at an altitude of about 300 meters in a remote location. “In the future, I plan to build a scrambler with a screen.”

Eng Hosni stated that his company is seeking the permission of the relevant authorities to sell the jammer to interested parties. “I also want the Research Council to recognize the device and patent it.”

Today, we are surrounded by many advanced technologies, and of course smartphones and technologies associated with them are also on the list. We must admit that the benefits of using new mobile phones can hardly be overestimated. These gadgets give us the ability to provide communications to almost anywhere in the world. The fact is that you can not be near your family or your friends forever, but with mobile phones, you will be close to them and communicate with them no matter how far away you are from them.

However, with all these benefits and bonuses, smartphones can be real killers. Recent statistics on the use of cell phones while driving indicate that more than 20% of fatal road accidents were caused by inappropriate use of a mobile phone. In addition, hundreds of people die and injure themselves every day around the world because of the use of a cell phone while driving. The good news is that there is a device that can do things right – I’m talking about the meaning of the jammer when driving.

Any Foscam IP camera sends its video to the web and is available for third parties from out there. You can even google those cameras with a “”. That’s not the first time we face problems with IP cameras. The problem is that most of the users rarely change login/password combinations and most of the cameras has no password at all. Another problem here are weak security protocols. As you know, your IP camera uses Wi-Fi to send data to a server and Wi-Fi is rather vulnerable type of connection.

As a conclusion we may say that someone is able to watch you, so you should check and configure your camera. Don’t forget to check admin’s and operator’s passwords. And if you want to be sure about your security for 100% get a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal blocker, which will jam transmissions between a camera and the server and will make sure that no one will be able to hack it, or in any way use it against you