Is it possible to block internet (3g/4g) service only, not general phone signal, within a building?

Is it possible to block the internet usage of devices within a building (a school), without blocking incoming calls and texts? We need to be able to block apps like snapchat, whatsapp, skype etc on smartphones and tablets. But we use mobile phones as a form of communication between staff, so do not want to block the phone signal itself. Is there such a jammer? That just blocks 3G?

But what are these surveillance drones capable of doing exactly? They will be able to identify if a person is armed even at night and they can also track that person’s location and send it to law enforcement. So, as you can see someone with a gun, no matter whether it is legal or not can be followed without a warrant.

Last month, the US government legalized the use of UAVs on US territory and the Federal Aviation Administration promised to address all privacy and personal data collection issues. But as far as we can see it at Perfectjammer, it’s not going anywhere. So our data will still be collected and we will not even know it.

So, the best solution here will be to use a desktop, adjustable mobile Internet GPS jammer RCJ40-D. The new configuration of the device has appeared recently. Now it is able to block GSM, 3G and 4G. In your case, you will have to turn the GSM antennas off, so mobile communications won’t be disrupted. It will be still possible to make phone calls and send or receive SMS. The correspondence between frequencies and antennas is described at the users manual, that will be shipped with the device. By, the way, we’ve had a couple of questions about using cell phone blockers at schools.

RCJ40-D has 40 meters (50 feet) working range and the disruptive signal penetrates walls perfectly. Unfortunately, we can not provide you with the device, that has larger working range. But we may recommend you a portable device with the same frequencies support, it is G5 cell phone blocker. It supports GSM, CDMA, 3G and 4G, and if you’d like to block 3G and 4G only, you will have to turn of the corresponding DIP switches.